Issue 01/2016 Asia Pacific

You Gotta Have Faith

This Issue Focus section of this Communication Director talks about trust: how to earn it, lose it and win it back. We look at what the Volkswagen emissions scandal teaches us about trust, what it takes to build trust in new markets, how the media affects dialogues around controversial subjects and what trust means to communicators from across Asia Pacific. Meanwhile, David Brain, CEO of Edelman Asia Pacific, introduces us to the findings of the influential Edelman Trust Barometer and a philosopher helps us unravel the underlying questions behind trust, vulnerability and betrayal... honestly.

Agenda setter

Communication ideas in the eyes of experts

The next generation of communicators have arrived in your office. Two of the brightest give their take on millennial wants and needs and what this means for the evolution of the workplace


The full spectrum of the communicator's portfolio

The expertise to deal with recent crises such as the plight of Syrian refugees or the Ebola outbreak is already in our hands: what we lack is effective, visionary leadership

Seven starting points for discussion for this year’s first Asia-Pacific Communication Monitor

Companies still make the same mistakes with reputation risk management. Why?

Technology is moving the goal posts of communications

As a trusted partner, communication leaders understand the strategic direction of their organisation and both challenge and support leaders, partner with peers and translate business priorities into meaningful messages.

From Bayer to Covestro: a case study on cross-cultural insights into navigating your way through a corporate change.

Following the sudden disappearance of flight MH370, Malaysia Airlines faced serious challenges in their efforts to engage relatives of the passengers and other stakeholders with compassion and accuracy.

An interview with a woman harnessing digital platforms to drive professesional gender equality

How can you build up long-lasting relationships with dialogue partners and use social media to attract and engage quality customers?

Authenticity, localisation and social media mastery are some of the ingredients required for building trust in Asia Pacific.

How Prudential Corporation Asia built a community engagement platform that not only responds to specific societal needs but creates shared value for business, stakeholders and communities.

In Asia Pacific, trust is a key ingredient in the evolution of crisis communications

All news is not necessarily good news, which is why the two-factor theory of publicity helps recognise the triggers of positive and negative publicity


Key communicators under the spotlight

Communication and education are key to motivating the corporate world to take a stand

Issue focus

Looking at the important questions of communication

The 2016 Edelman Trust Index reveals the Asia-Pacific region as one of the globe's most trusting. However, the region's cultural diversity must be taken into account when examining citizen perceptions of Asia-Pacific institutions.

Trust is won or lost through long term relationship building and, just like in any relationship, how much you put in has a direct correlation with how much you get out.

Dr Brennan Jacoby is a philosopher who helps individuals and organisations understand what trust means to them. He spoke to Communication Director about the importance of betrayal, transparency and the pursuit of trustworthiness.

To get first-hand insights into the challenges of trust communications, we turned to members of the Asia-Pacific Association of Communication Directors working in the crisis-prone fields of media and the finance industry to find out how they stop trust in their industries from going up in flames.

Trusting online retail can file like an invitation for trouble: visual cues can help instill confidence in the organisation.

The Volkswagen emission crisis has shaken confidence in one of the most recognised brands in the world: it also highlights the link between trust and economics.

What are some of the characteristics communications leaders need to show to be worthy recipients of trust, inside and outside the organisation?

Private passions

What makes corporate communicators tick?

Christopher Domitter on his passion for photography