Issue 01/2014 Asia Pacific

Making The Case: Proving the Value of Communications

Linking communications to strategic business goals is one of the most pressing challenges facing today’s professional communicators; many feel that they are called on to prove the value and impact of their work with each new campaign. This is particularly vital for communicators working in Asia Pacific, where public relations is developing rapidly and shaping its role in a landscape that is culturally and economically diverse. That’s where this issue of Communication Director comes in.

PR Essentials

Key aspects of communication and PR

Top communicators at the biggest players in Asia Pacific.


The full spectrum of the communicator's portfolio

 Communications can help companies from emerging economies build reputations in the West.

The paradoxes and challenges of the progressive corporate future means it is time to bury, not praise, public relations.

Social networking sites are a breeding ground for rumours, which is why communicators must learn to manage them.

Team Player

How to improve personnel management and your career

When it comes to ensuring that professionals are equipped to communicate on a global level, there remains room for improvement.

Although often in the shadow of their digital alternatives, face-to-face meetings still have a valuable role to play.

Communications during a downsizing process are never easy, but must be managed for the good of all involved.

The Story of PR

Looking back at landmark communications

Just as no two Asia-Pacific countries have the same history and culture, the region’s public relations has grown in many different ways.

Since 1978, China's media reforms have gone hand-in-hand with its economic reforms.


Key communicators under the spotlight's director of international communications on Baidu’s embrace of international markets, China’s digital landscape, censorship and more.

Issue focus

Looking at the important questions of communication

The journey of measurement and evaluation pushes at the limits of our ideas about the value of communications and public relations.

To have impact on the audiences that count, social media needs to be integrated with public relations planning.

Like many NGOs, The Asia Foundation's communications call for discretion and nuance. How does it balance this with the need for increased visibility?

Far from its restrictive image, China offers public affairs communicators room for innovation and flexibility.

The growth of digital calls for an integrated approach to understanding the impact of communications.

Whether you are selling or branding your company, communications should be about changing mindsets and making a difference.

A corporate name can embody values, traditions and aspirations, so companies planning to change their name must tread carefully.

Using communication capital to reconstruct the results chain of internal messages

Traditional methods of measurement and evaluation are in dire need of an update.

The business of communications is persuasion, and needs gut instinct, experience, guile and smarts.

Questions to...

The personal side of communication directors

Head of Marketing Communications, Asia Pacific at Business Unit Polyurethanes at Bayer MaterialScience