Issue 01/2017 Asia Pacific

Fake news, real threats

For many industries, fake news is not a new story; pharma and the financial sector, for example, have long been the target of biased claims or distorted facts. What is new is the technology that enables the wildfire spread of falsehoods, stories that aren’t easily distinguishable from the rest of our news feeds. This presents a real risk to companies across Europe, whatever their industry. Could the fake news model as perfected in the Trump campaign be adapted by someone maliciously wanting to take down a company (a disgruntled employee, for example, or a competitor)? What plans do you have in place to survive an avalanche of untrue, negative stories? Does Facebook’s refusal to be seen as a publisher put European companies in an especially vulnerable position when it comes to fighting fake news? In this issue of Communication Director, we explore how communicators can help their organisations overcome this very real threat.

PR Essentials

Key aspects of communication and PR

Arm yourself with the simple sword of fact-checking websites

Agenda setter

Communication ideas in the eyes of experts

Positioning your organisation as an activist in social issues requires tact and innovation


The full spectrum of the communicator's portfolio

Going off message in search of effective communication across all audiences

A case of social media crisis mismanagement

With the right mind-set and approach, there are huge opportunities for communicators to step up and lead this year

How public affairs communications can help NGOs have a stronger impact in public-private partnership – and put much-needed food on empty plates

Six emerging priorities for chief communication officers in 2017

To make your digital communications soar this year, focus on your content first – as the following five tips will show.

In an era of quarterly capitalism, why should companies communicate their long-term value creation story?

How to entrench your crisis strategy on an executive level

Measuring the role of intangible assets in generating value

From clashing egos to meddlesome advisors

Do corporate communications leaders have what it takes to become executive leaders for the 21st century?

How to keep far-flung managers informed and engaged

One solution to the double challenge faced by large corporates that want to be seen as innovators

Issue focus

Looking at the important questions of communication

In a fast-changing, volatile, post-truth environment, the role of corporate communications counsellor has never been more important

Do we need to go back to basics?

What are algorithms, how do they decide what we see and what we don’t see online?

The challenges faced by journalism helped set the stage for fake news: the fight back starts here

Measuring the impact of fake news on corporate reputation can act as a guide for companies to navigate a post-truth landscape.

How the inoculation theory offers a powerful way of combating the fake news

Questions to...

The personal side of communication directors

The qualities to look out for when you’re searching for a media coach