Communication Director is published quarterly: the magazine's Issue Focus explores a different communications topic each issue from a variety of perspectives. In addition, Communication Director features a range of articles that cover the full spectrum of the communications and public affairs portfolio. From digital to B2B, crisis communications to HR. Other regular features include Questions To, a short Q&A with a leading Asia-Pacific communicator, Communications Reader, a selection of book reviews and previews, an in-depth Interview with a leading figure from the field of communications, and news about the latest activities of the Asia-Pacific Association of Communication Directors (APACD).


Cover Asia Pacific 04 2017
Strategy and the CCO
Issue 04/2017 Asia Pacific
Made to measure
Issue 03/2017 Asia Pacific
Communication and collaboration
Issue 02/2017 Asia Pacific
Fake news, real threats
Issue 01/2017 Asia Pacific


A Voice in the Crowd
Issue 04/2016 Asia Pacific
Sign of the times
Issue 03/2016 Asia Pacific
The Unwritten Contract
Issue 02/2016 Asia Pacific
You Gotta Have Faith
Issue 01/2016 Asia Pacific


Cover Asia Pacific Issue 04 2015
Hidden Powers: CSR and Corporate Citizenship
Issue 04/2015 Asia Pacific
Pleased To Meet You?
Issue 03/2015 Asia Pacific
Direct! Empower! Inspire!
Issue 02/2015 Asia Pacific
Anticipation and Disruption
Issue 01/2015 Asia Pacific


Making The Case: Proving the Value of Communications
Issue 01/2014 Asia Pacific