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Sparks & Co aims at solving humanity's greatest challenges.

Humanity’s prosperity can only be addressed today through innovation, but ideas alone are not enough. Sparks & Co gives science a wider voice to help researchers in Europe communicate. Inspired by the passion for what we do, we work to reduce the breach between society and science, spreading the real impact of our projects in the everyday life. We believe it is the only way to provide humanity with the tools it needs in the fight for a better tomorrow.

Since 2014, Sparks & Co has joined forming EU consortia to provide its expertise to public funded research through the R&D funding programme Horizon 2020. The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation has highlighted the need for excellent communication about research to the general public, industry, media, policy-makers and scientists. Sparks & Co has become a leader in providing the best communication strategies to EU funded projects in only 3 years.

Our young, dynamic and talented team firmly believes we have a mission to communicate science in the brightest way to help solve of humanity's greatest challenges and our clients share our views. We have been included in 7 European funded projects and our contribution to EU projects has been funded by the European Commission to a total of 1.4 million euros.

After proving our value and expertise for EU funded research, Sparks & Co is now entering a new phase of development. The company is seeking new partnership opportunities to offer our skills and knowledge for EU tenders. We are also launching a brand-new training offer to pair our consulting services, which will now be open to universities, the industry and innovative SMEs seeking to make a greater impact with their communication strategies.


Fields of expertise:
  • Brand awareness
  • content creation
  • social media strategy
  • internal communication
  • graphic design
  • digital marketing
  • public relations
  • EU communications
  • communication strategic planning
  • stakeholders engagement
  • press relations
Year founded:
  • 2017 - Award winner in the category "Consultancy of the year" at the European Excellence Awards in PA 
  • 2016 - Nominated for the "New agency of the year" award at the European Excellence Awards in PR 
Main chapter:

We are now working with 80 partners in the world, including the University of Zurich (DE), the Erasmus Medical Center of Rotterdam (NL), the University of Cambridge (UK), GSK Spain (ES), Goethe Universität (DE), Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique (FR), the University of Oxford (UK), Inserm (FR), Universita degli studi di Roma (IT), University of Gdansk (PL), University system of Maryland (US), UNESCO, Mayoly Spindler (FR),...


Founder & CEO
European Communications Manager
International Cooperation Manager

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