The secret of the best speeches

Ever since United States presidents began using it in the 1950s, the teleprompter has been the open secret of the best speakers and speeches in history. Presidents, celebrities, corporate executives, lecturers in solemn events… all of them use it frequently in the world.

The teleprompter allows natural reading while looking at the audience. The experience is excellent, compared with the impersonal exercise of reading a script on paper. The audience only sees two transparent mirrors.

However, the traditional teleprompter is full of drawbacks. It is very bulky and heavy and requires the assistance of helpers.

Every time we travelled to Mexico, Washington or Brussels, we had the problem of having to transport a prompter or hire one. There was also the trouble with its assembly, adjustment and control from a computer hidden behind the stage. These were inconveniences that only Presidents, Prime Ministers and a handful of privileged leaders with resources could afford themselves.

So, we invented Prompter-in-a-box out of pure necessity. It is the only portable speech prompter, integrated in a carry-on suitcase,that can be assembled in four minutes and managed with an iPad, no additional assistance required. You will not have to plug it in as it has four hours’ battery life. And you will also be able to adjust the mirrors with a remote control.

Prompter-in-a-box can be managed from any device, but we have created Prompter-in-an-app (, to make the reading process incredibly simple. With Prompter-in-an-app you can control the text from the stand or any other place. You can stop, speed up or slow down anytime you want with just one finger. And you can edit the texts and import them directly.

Try out Prompter-in-a-box free of charge. Write, we will solve any queries you may have. We are also looking for distributors and vendors worldwide. If you are interested, please contact us.

Now you can deliver a speech like the Clintons, Michael Jackson or Bill Gates used to do.

Prompter-in-a-box is developed and designed by Asesores de Comunicación Pública, an international communication consultant.


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For decades we have helped presidents, royals and senior executives deliver their speeches with high effectiveness. For this reason we have used prompters, a magical tool that enables the speaker to read without anyone knowing. While looking at the audience, and with their head held high, reading from two practically invisible mirrors, one each side. The experience is unique both for audience and speaker.

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Our clients portfolio includes corporations, goverments, public and private instititutions, and educational organizations in Europe, the Americas and Africa. We are also expanding worldwide, opening opportunities for partners and distributors.


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