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If you want to build a remarkable organization, and are perhaps ready to challenge your status quo, we are your organizational architects. If you need the best leadership, if you want a collaborative and communicative environment, mastering change, and instilling radical management innovation we promise you’ll have them. Work with us.

Imagine an organization in which small groups of highly trusted and influent employees, not just management, are driving change by engaging their peers in communications, conversations and actions. Imagine that, for example, as a result, it now takes 3 people and 3 days to make good decisions which took before 30 people and 30 days. Imagine that this is not a one-off phenomenon but it has become the norm.

Imagine as well that as a result it becomes common and routine for employees to ask themselves the question, whether to themselves or when in groups: ‘how could we do this better, faster and perhaps cheaper?’

Imagine that this has become as normal as having an agenda for a team meeting. And that this is multiplied 100 times today in different parts of the organization. Imagine one hundred or one thousand people behaving in this way, not just today but pretty much as a norm. And this is not the result of hundreds of workshops and top-down communication or information.

Through ViralChange™ we provide solutions for any situation which depends on establishing new behaviours or new ways of doing and which requires the changes to be sustainable through time and on a large or global scale. We have proven ways to make this work. Don’t try on your own! We are the intellectual property owners, the pioneers of this approach and its practical orchestration and implementation, and as such it has been recognised by our trademarks. We will orchestrate for you large scale behavioural change with you as leader.


Fields of expertise:
  • Building remarkable organisations
  • Radical Management Innovation
  • Change management
  • Behavioural Change
  • Cultural change
  • Leadership development
  • Viral Change
  • Peer to Peer influence
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Employee engagement
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London with worldwide operations

We build remarkable organizations in any sector. Over the past 15 years, we worked successfully in organizations as small as a few dozen people through to huge FTSE100 multinationals employing tens of thousands. Our clients come from all sectors including pharma, financial services, transportation, public services, oil and gas, telecommunications and manufacturing.


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